Ninite: Install Freeware for Windows in 1-2-3

Consider the following personal, non-exhaustive list of simple but effective, no-nonsense premium freeware for Microsoft Windows (the majority free as in free beer): Chrome (browser) Skype (VoIP and instant messaging client) VLC (the best media player) Paint.NET (simple image editor) Foxit Reader (fast, non-bloated PDF reader) AVG Free Edition (antivirus) uTorrent (bittorrent client) CDBurnerXP (CD […]

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Enable or Disable NICs

Various methods exist in Microsoft Windows to manipulate a logical or physical network interface card and change its enabled/disabled status by script or command-line.

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iPhone Annoyances

As a seasoned Nokia (Symbian) and HTC (WinMo) smartphone user and -more recently- a quite satisfied iPhone 3GS (iOS4) owner, I’d like to share some of my annoyances with Apple’s smartphone, both hardware and software related. I believe all of the following applies to the iPhone 4 as well.

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