KB982861 could not be installed

Internet Explorer 9 Language Packs are provisioned by different x86 and x64 Windows Update files, named as IE9-Windows6.1-LanguagePack-xAA-LLL.msu, where AA = architecture (86 or 64) and LLL = language code (e.g. nld for Dutch).

When trying to install these language packs via wusa.exe, Windows Installer might throw the follow error:

Windows update "Update for Windows (KB982861)" could not be installed because of error 2147944003 "Fatal error during installation." (Command line: ""C:\Windows\system32\wusa.exe" "X:\IE9-Windows6.1-LanguagePack-x86-nld.msu" ")

Search no more. Although there doesn’t seem to be any resource (for now) that states so formally, you cannot deploy IE9 LPs unless the same Windows 7 Language Pack has been installed previously.

In other words, after installing the Windows 7 Dutch Language Pack, IE9-Windows6.1-LanguagePack-x86-nld.msu for Internet Explorer 9 installs succesfully too.


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