GoogleCL on Synology DiskStation

Some time ago I decided I would not upgrade my SOHO server (the dearly beloved Zeus, a Windows 2003 box acting as a file/print/mail/etc server) but to move these services to the cloud. Despite my mainly Microsoft oriented professional background, I choose Google AppsĀ rather than Microsoft Office 365. IĀ buriedĀ the server, reluctantly concluded not to use […]

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Google Search URL with Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a great browser. It’s simple, fast and supports near real-time synchronization of its settings between instances (bookmarks, extensions/apps, themes, preferences). OneĀ annoyanceĀ I recently ran into using versionĀ 8.0.552.237, is the fact thatĀ {google:baseURL} is influenced by which proxy server is used. Suppose the proxy is located in Luxembourg. When searching in Google, from or […]

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